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Friday Props - Paperboyo

Known as Paperboyo, Rich McCor travels the world taking photos and helping us see the world a little bit differently. Rich adds whimsy to his photos of architectural landmarks and urban backdrops by applying black paper cutouts above the photos which transforms the work into quirky, often thought-provoking pieces.

McCor uses simple black paper cutouts for his work and the results are pretty awesome. His most recent book Around the World in Cut-Outs  [support your local bookshop by purchasing here] explores geography, architecture, pop culture and more all while delighting readers with his tell-tale imagery.

A few of our favorites are below:



Knitting Albert Bridge






Check out Paperboyo on Instagram, Facebook or at his website for many more examples of why Rich McCor AKA Paperboyo gets Friday Props this week!


[all images courtesy Paperboyo]