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Friday Props - Old Book Illustrations

In this weeks' Friday Props we go back in time to old books. Specifically, we're going back far enough to be free of copyright and we're looking for illustrations and etchings and drawings ... oh my!

Props to Old Book Illustrations for scanning and providing such rich resources for free use! Old Book Illustrations and others like them (see below for other resources) digitize the illustrations, etchings, drawings and artworks in general from texts that in the public domian and they make them available as free resources. Old Book Illustrations has chosen to focus on Victorian and French Romantic illustrations. Their site is searchable by topic and type and presents some really fun and exciting images to work with.

If you're like me then you'll be drawn to the scientific and technical drawings from the era. This engine is one among many.

I can't imagine being the person who tries this on for the first time under water ....

Maybe a dog-powered velocipede is more your thing?

I happen to love this ad for a baloon salesman.

There are so many styles and subjects to look through and enjoy.




Old Book Illustrations Twitter: @oldbookillustrations

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