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Friday Props - Mitsuru Nikaido

It's the first Friday Props of the new year and while it might be tempting to look for a completely new thing to focus on, we instead turn our eyes to LEGO creations because they are timeless and because we happen to love LEGO. Besides, nobody can stop me.

Specifically we are handing out Friday Props to LEGO creator Mitsuru Nikaido of Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan. Nikaido studied oil painting at Kurashiki University, but we were unable to find examples of his paintings. Instead, we ran across his LEGO builds which blew our minds.

Check out for yourself how incredible his builds are:

LEGO Mecha “Triceratops”

LEGO Mecha "Water Bear"

Obviously his skills are top-notch and his choice of subjects are really fun. But he approaches LEGO in ways some other builders shy away from as evidenced by this stop-motion view of a really interesting "build".

On the web:

Facebook: @mitsuru_nikaido

Twitter: uran120

Flikr: @mitsuru_nikaido

Instagram: @mitsuru_nikaido