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Friday Props - Kaplamino

We've always been fans of the whimsy that Rube Goldberg machines elicit and this week we give out Friday Props to French artist Kaplamino for his weird and wonderful chain reactions. Among his more famous and recognizable works is "The Blue Marble: a one marble path chain reaction" seen below:

Kaplamino is a name that comes from combining the words "kapla" and "domino". Kaplas are a construction toy of small wooden planks popular in Europe. The artist himself is named Mathieu Carillat. Carillat studied engineering at The Leonardo da Vinci Engineering School in Paris. Somehow we think da Vinci would approve of how Mathieu has applied what he's learned thus far.

His first video to go viral was released in 2016 and that experience led him to spend more time and effort to create increasingly complex and surprising chain reaction videos. 


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