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Friday Props - Infinite Zoom

Sometimes geometry is fun, like when patterns become repeating in such a way as to be zoomable forever - fractals and the like. Props this week for Infinite Zoom an online exploration of repeating patterns that seem to zoom endlessly (they do).

A click of the mouse or tap of the screen changes the pattern and color scheme making it fun to find the one that suits your mood. The website is a showcase for the same technique used in an Android live wallpaper app by the same developer: Nikolaus Baumgarten. His live wallpapers are really satisfying and if you have an Android check them out.

It's pretty stunning how the meadow with trees and flowers becomes infiinitely zoomable into a forest with ferns or canyon with cactus - it's fun to watch!

Live Wallpapers from Nikolaus Baumgarten on an Android phone

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