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Friday Props - Greg Olijnyk

When you happen to combine happy-looking robots with steampunk design sensibilitites, inexpensive cardboard materials and lots of imagination you may find yourself on the other end of a Friday Props because we all know that I absolutely love each an every one of those things.

This week we are giving Props to Greg Olijnyk, a Melbourne-based designer who spends some of his free time conceptualizing and creating fantastical cardboard. glue and toothpick pieces. Sometimes he also adds LED lighting or glass to complete the look. The result? Super-cool explorations of whimsy and things that you might expect to find in the world of Howl's Moving Castle or other sci-fi location.


What may blow your mind is that most of his pieces that include details like the fans on this walker are fully movable or articulated. 

Is it a great day for a swing? This robot sure seems to think so. Perhaps he's just happy because he earned his creator some Friday Props? 

Check out more of Greg's work on his Instagram account.