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Friday Props: That Good News Girl

It's Friday. It's Props. And this week we are tipping our hat to the bringer of good wholesome news to our daily feed -That Good News Girl!

I sometimes get overwhelmed with anxiety over all the things that act together to seemingly pull apart the fabric of our society - things like information silos, norms breaking, lack of civility, declining inclination for compromise ... It feels like every day I am bombarded with negative, depressing, and sometimes even frightening news. Social media surely doesn't help make things better. So when I ran across That Good News Girl I smashed that like and follow and I think you should, too.

That Good News Girl is a social media account apparently helmed by a woman named Jenn. Her mission is fairly simnple:

Trying to make the world a little brighter by sharing good news.

That, my friends, is exactly what she does.  

Yesterday, for example, I watched a reel about Percy the bearded dragon who fell in love with his owner's sock. What is not to love about this? No hate. No division. Just sweet, cute, dumb lizard-thing loving a sock. The content she shares is often heartwarming and a good reminder that there really are good people doing good deeds all the time - including herself. So Props to That Good News Girl

If your feed could use a break from vitriol, hate, misinformation, creepy targeting, and other regrettable things then check her out at any of the following places: