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Friday Props - Shortcut to Human Customer Service

Welcome to this week's "Friday Props," where we highlight, a game-changing service transforming the way we connect with customer support. In a world overrun by automated systems, emerges as a customer's ally, offering a direct route to real human interaction.

Navigating through automated phone menus sucks. Enter a simple solution to the call tree maze. With just a few clicks, you gain direct access to a human representative, bypassing the time-consuming and often aggravating automated loops.

At its core, prioritizes the human aspect of customer service. It empowers consumers by facilitating real conversations that foster empathy and understanding. By enabling direct engagement, strengthens the customer's voice.

Recently my daughter and I were talking about how we both really only use Twitter to get customer support - the public aspect plus human response makes it pretty powerful for this purpose, but neither of us are fans of what X (formerly Twitter) has become. This service helps fill that hole.

Props to GetHuman! Check it out at