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Friday Props - Dustin Yellin

The work we want to acknowledge this week is something that goes from tiny to enormous and back to tiny. It's dreamscape collages in resin with sunlight crashing through. It's forms within shapes within stories within images within deeper stories still - it's the work of Dustin Yellin, Psychogeographies.

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These humanoid shapes suspened in glass, acrylic and resin are made up of small scenes - pictures within pictures and the closer you approach the deeper the rabbit hole. 


Psychogeography 432014
Glass, collage, acrylic, resin
71" x 27" x 15"


These 3D surreal scenes are made of paper - ripped, cut, painted, and placed to tell a story and to evoke everything from dread to whimsy. The paper comes from magazines, catalogs, encyclopedias, art history tomes, you name it. The effect of all these moments captured and frozen is what the artist calls "frozen cinema".

From the macro to the micro this collection astounds us. We hope to see it in person one day.  Props-worthy, no doubt.



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