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Friday Props - Dissolve

As marketers we know there are several underlying motivations for why people share things online. Humor is among the top reasons, and it is because of that I came across the following video:

This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve from Dissolve on Vimeo.

Winner of the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in B2B. Made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve.

This week Props goes out to Dissolve for their creative and fun Generic Brand Video made with footage from their service. The original script for the video was written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney's Internet Tendency back in 2014. (That's right, folks, nothing but the freshest, newest materials served here.)

While it was the video above that caught our attention at first, it's worth checking out Dissolve's Vimeo Channel for a whole lot of really well-done videos showcasing their footage and their creative talent.

And, of course, if you happen to be in the market for stock footage then it's worth checking out the Dissolve service offerings.