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Friday Props - Creemees

It's finally summer and here in Vermont that means it's creemee season. For those of you not fortunate enough to call Vermont home, a creemee is what you might think of when you consider soft serve ice cream. You would, however, be wrong. And we can't blame you for that - even Hello Burlington, a website dedicated to marketing the Queen City, describes them as equivalent in their blog post asking "what is a creemee?".

A creemee is not simply the soft serve ice cream enjoyed by flatlanders. No no no - a creemee has higher fat content and we all know what that means: FLAVOR! Don't believe us? See what the experts say about fat content in ice cream. 

Vermonters are serious about their dairy products. We're home to Ben & Jerry's and Cabot Cheese among others, afterall. Dairy farms have played an important role in the identity of the state. So when it comes to ice cream - and creemees - we aren't shy about higher fat content. Don't judge - if you lived through the winters we do you'd understand.

Some confusion exists as to where the term "creemee" comes from while elsewhere people refer to this kind of treat as soft serve ice cream. We suspect our close ties to Quebec played a role. The french word for ice cream is "crème glacée". Perhaps this is where it started?

So all this is to say that for Friday Props this week we honor Vermont's Creemee and all the purveyors of such goodness. And thanks to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, you can now find a local provider to get your summer dose of creemee heaven by using their creemee locator map.

To all the non-Vermonters do yourself a flavor favor and try a maple creemee - it is the quintessential Vermont summer treat.

Friday Props for creemees - maybe the tastiest Props yet!