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Friday Props - AnonyMouse

If you are a regular reader of our Friday Props series then by now you have surely figured out that we like to celebrate whimsical things and that we happen to like miniature things, too. This week we give our Friday Props to AnonyMouse - an anonymous artist collective in Sweden that installs miniature mouse-themed infrastructure hidden in plain sight, checking both the whimsy and tiny boxes at the same time.

It started in Möllevången, Sweden and has continued to expand across Sweden and France.

The first installment was Il Topolino which was a tiny restaurant for cheese and crackers and a bakery. Unfortunately it was destroyed by vandals after only a few weeks, but take a look at this very first installation and see for yourself how fun it is!

It's delightful how they have no fear of being cheesy (get it?) with how they name their establishments and how they carry through the mouse theme to the tinest details. Our favorite is the tiny record shop featuring albums by Briehanna and Tailor Swiss among others. 

If you worry about criminal activity in the mouse underground you can rest assured there is a mouse detective agency ready to investigate any cat-astrophe that might strike.

While most of the installations have been within city blocks, not all mice are city mice. In fact, some prefer the country life where they can go home and relax in relative peace.


If you like these as much as we do then please give AnonyMouse a follow on Instagram where you can see more of their works including restaurants, book stores, a barber shop, lots of hilarious mousified album covers and more.