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Friday Props - Annatomix

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Apr 09 2021 at 11:27 AM Apr 09 2021 at 11:27 AM



This week for Friday Props we bring you an artist whose work we ran across while looking for unicorns. No, really. Do you see the photo above? That unicorn mural comes to you from the artist known as Annatomix.

Anna Stus hails from Birmingham UK and reports having a lifelong interest in drawing animals. As a self-taught painter her work eventually led her to a style that reminds many of origami. Her pieces, which range from cards and stickers to giant murals, often feature the use of simple shapes to render animals that bring an edge of fantasy along for the ride. 

From fox to bulls to the unicorns that led us to her work, it's a style we can get behind and which deserves a Friday Props.

To make a mural, Stus starts by sketching her ideas on paper then placing a grid over the sketch. That grid then transfers to the large work surface so she is able to replicate the drawing there. Her murals usually take about a week to complete.

There are Annatomix murals in England, Sweden, and the United States. 

If you like this style as much as we do and would like to see more you can check out the artist online on Facebook, Instagram, and her own website.