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Friday Props #76: Lighting Up the Night Edition

Here we are again with another week zooming by and another round of Friday Props (over)due. This week I'm bringing you things to light up your weekend. At first it was tempting to find some excellent Christmas light displays, but I think I found some much, much cooler stuff to fit the theme this week and I hope you'll agree.

Hat tip to Mahala for bringing this one to our attention. Props going out to Wrecking Orchestra for it's use of light in this insanely fun Tron Dance.


From the futurisitc to the far past we travel away from the Japanese dance troupe and find ourseleves in Transylvania in the Salina Turda salt mines where vintage salt mining equipment has been restored and the space has been opened as a museum.What does this have to do with light you ask? Well take a look at the photos from the salt mine and you'll note that they have filled the space with LED lighting providing an eerie and truly otherworldly look inside the enormous caverns.




For our third and final Props for Light we turn to Daniel Gray and his really cool igloo of color bricks. When the light within shines it creates a beautiful structure! Props going out for the igloo made of 500 colored ice blocks. They took milk cartons, filled them with water and coloring and froze them.