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Friday Props #75 - The Where in the heck have you been edition

Several weeks have gone by without an edition of Friday Props. I imagine some of you may have wondered if we've simply given up on this tradition of ours and I am happy to say that the answer to that is "No".  

For this edition of Friday Props we look first to the animal sculptures Sean Avery from Australia. Props going out to Sean for the re-use of shattered CDs and the whimsical creatures he creates. Check out his Deviant Art Gallery for more examples of his props-worthy sculptures.



Our second Props goes out to Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan for their series of portraits using the natural lines of models' faces to create illusions of 2D artwork on the three dimensional surface of their faces. 



And finally for our third round of Props this week we look at "the Obliteration Room" - an exhibit at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Australia). Artist Yayoi Kusama created a "living room" in the gallery in stark white then children visiting the museum were given as many stickers as they like to decorate the space with. It's crazy what kids are capable of doing in two weeks!




If you know of other artists deserving props please do let us know either in the comments here on the blog or on our Facebook page - we look forward to seeing what you discover!