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Friday Props #62

Coming to you LIVE from the greatest little office on earth, Friday Props!

OK, I feel a little bored with Friday Props. I feel like we’ve gotten into a bit of a rut. I started off this week researching Props, searching high and low for the best, most intriguing things I could find. I found plenty of neat little things, but then I got sucked in. Absorbed. I fell straight into the rabbit hole of 360 Gigapixels. And since we’re full backers of sharing here, we are inviting you down the rabbit hole as well.

Taken from the top of the Tokyo Tower, this is a 360 degree panoramic of the city. What is remarkable, however, is the resolution, the ability to zoom in on ANYTHING. We found all sorts of stuff: ice cream tucks, Coke machines, men working on rooftops, and dogs. Now we are inviting you to do the same. Below is a list of objects for you to find. Take a screen shot of them. Send them to [email protected]. The person who finds the most will win one of our customized Nerf Guns to cherish for the rest of their days. They do not need to be the same ones WE found and if you find MORE than one, send them along! The deadline for this digital scavenger hunt is Sunday, August 18th. You can collaborate with friends and family, but we only have ONE Nerf Gun and don’t want to get in the middle of a custody dispute. Good Luck! The edge of the rabbit hole is HERE.

Your Targets:

Laundry Drying on a Clothes Line



Man Working at Desk


Coke Machine

Ice Cream Truck



Bowling Alley

Bar-B-Q Grill


Japanese Flag

Pumpkin Head

Mecedez Benz

Hot Dog Stand

Japanese 7-11


Don't limit yourself to this list! Submit other unique finds to score points! Below are a few examples of what WE found!

Drying Laundry


Men on Building