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Friday Props #56


     Here we are again. You and I on this lovely early-summer Friday, distracting ourselves from the last few hours of work before the weekend. My grammar checker hates me, as would my numerous professors of the English language, for using fragment sentences and contractions on a regular basis. I’m glad you’re ok with that. Soldier on.

     First up on our tour of creative distractions; let’s take a lovely jaunt to France, home of Mademoiselle Maurice. At a tender age of 28, she uses origami as her tool to showcase her art on the urban canvas of Paris. Being the simpleton that I am, I realize I can barely make a paper airplane so beyond the enormity of her work the vivid colors of the origami paper she uses catches and keeps my eye. Though these are only a few examples of her work, her website is FULL of photographs that keep me giggling like a 3 year old.

 6.21.13 MademoiselleMaurice8

6.21.13 MademoiselleMaurice9

“Now, we appreciate the kind that jingles, but we’d rather get the kind that folds.”

     Our next piece of props is only a hop, skip, jump or flight to lively Switzerland home of the Bank of International Settlements, the Matterhorn, and half of the world’s production of watches. I did NOT expect to find origami in the Alps. Then again, in a country know for precision, perhaps origami is fits neatly into the grand scheme. Sipho Mabona used uncut sheets of American currency to fashion a swarm of locusts (another things Switzerland is not typically associated with), making a statement on duality of money in society. This is Friday Props where we throw off such cultural and political rhetoric so I won’t repeat his statements here. Nevertheless, I do admire his work and will keep my eyes peels or a swarm of money locusts to call my own. I hope they’re of the $50 or $100 variety.

6.21.13 Origami locuts 1

6.21.13 Origami locuts 2


     Finally, this week I will not be giving out a third Prop. Instead, I will use this opportunity, this soapbox, to direct your attention to promote my own creation, “Death of the Eggplant,” a 64-minute movie chronicling our run of my beloved Plymouth Neon in The Enduro at Thunder Road. Featuring the music of Montpelier based power duo Lake Superior, the movie is my own introduction into both racing and filmmaking. Here is the little trailer to the movie and the link to the Facebook Event which has some other teasers. I invite you all to join us on Wednesday, June 26th at 8:00 or 9:30 pm at Charlie O's World Famous on Main Street of Montpelier for the red carpet premier of this event! Come on down! Invite your friends! Feel the growl of the engines! It will be great to see you there!