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Friday Props #50

I don’t watch all that much TV. Sure, I have a few shows that I like to follow as much as possible, but I don’t have a DVR and missing a show to me is less important than, say, taking advantage of a lovely evening fishing out on a pond. Watching bats dart across the water at sunset is a beautiful thing. My television consumption rate increase exponentially during the hockey playoffs, however, and I fall victim to dozens of boring commercials for products that I cannot afford nor particularly want. Mostly, I realized that I simply hate the lack of creativity in marketing. The formulaic commercials or the ones that assume I’m stupid. I hate commercials with low voices that quickly flutter by describing all the possible side effects or financing options. Even internet ads, striving for your attention, typically lack the creativity that will hold my attention.

A little while back I saw a commercial that actually struck a chord with me and when I got into my meditation chamber this morning (see: shower), I still had this commercial in my head. Why?

At Edgeworks Creative, we are principally marketers for our clients and I really love the giggles I get when my brain spits out a great marketing idea. We do not use most of these ideas because of budget restrictions, legal ambiguities and other laws of the universe that keep us in check such as gravity. I think marketing can be better. I think that marketing a product or service should be more than the promise of an easier solution and an annoying spokesman (Lamoille Valley Ford, I’m talking about you). In fact, I discovered that the reason that I love this commercial so much is because, until the end of the commercial, the viewer has no idea what company made it or what they are trying to sell. There are no hidden placements. There is no script. There is no fine print. There are no claims or testimonials.  This is the type of commercial I cannot stop watching. Say what you like about the company and its product, but full Friday props to the people who made this one. 



This is actually a series of ads, a campaign that is very entertaining. And for those of you who believe that this is actually computer generated, you should watch the "making of" video related to this commercial. Heck. You should do it anyway. Got a commercial that make you forget this is a marketing tool? Share it! Thanks again, folks. We'll see you next week!