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Friday Props #48

Hippity hoppity Props are on their waaaaaay!

You, sir, are a LARGE rabbit! It has been a rather strange day what with the unexpectedly pleasant conversation I had with the IRS, the new fire permit regulations in Barre, and the fact that I am writing from the remote Friday Props desk here at my kitchen table. Perhaps the phone call to the IRS only felt strange because I spoke to Mr. Myers. Although I did prod him repeatedly to reveal his relation to Mike Myers, my new friend refused, leaving me to assume there he IS related and we have another Canadian immigrant in this great land of ours. Now that I think about it, he sure was polite on the phone. Hmmmm….

Yes, these are the musings that keep me busy at the Friday Props desk and, lo, my life would be much emptier without them in the same way that my life would be empty without chores. For example, it may sound silly, but I love not having a dishwasher. I wash all my dishes by hand in the tried and true fashion of my foremothers. Artisanal plate washing. Where am I going with this? I’m going to the wood pile to get ready for the next winter by stacking my wood! In many cases, we feature ‘artists’ on Friday Props. Creative thinkers. These wood-stacking artists don’t have their own website. They don’t make any money from their endeavors. Instead, they achieve a level of creative self-satisfaction that can last them until, oh say, late October when they begin filling the wood stove. Props to you, my wood-burning brethren.

Pallet pavilion 1

wood stack


The next Prop sprouted in my head faster than a crocus bloom on the south side lawn. Fertilized by chicken manure. It seems that these days a whole mess of people are jumping on the chicken bandwagon in both rural and urban settings. My neighbors got their chickens a few years back, turning an old shed into a cute cozy coop for the layers. Looking out my window, I did a quick search on ‘creative chicken coops’ and quickly lost 30 minutes admiring the love and creativity people employ in building the chicken dorms. Do the people who own chickens possess more inherent creative ability than the average human? Hmmm….I can smell dissertation material here. Fresh. Pungent. Ripe. Just like chicken manure.




Finally, I found a little something that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. Nike Savvas created this visual gem by suspending a gazillion bouncy balls on strings and then, for motion, added a fan to blow them around. “Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder” sets my mind to wander andputs a fantastic grin on my face every time I see it. Go. Explore. Share!