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Friday Props #46

Patience. Today the weather called for everyone on the road to be patient. Not everyone heeded the call today or checked the weather forecast calling for ‘icy pellets’ here over the next three days. Rushing around too fast on a day like today, things are liable to break. Like when your car hits a rock ledge on I-89, your car tends to break. Oh, lovely spring, I’m trying to be patient waiting for you. Don’t make me move to Florida. Please. Dalton Ghetti? This man has patience. Remember when you were bored in school and sat there absent-mindedly chewing on your eraser, drawing or writing the lyrics to your favorite song du jour? Yeah. Dalton went ahead and MADE something with that pencil. And, before you ask, no, you can’t buy his work.  Admire it as long as you’d like, though. He’s got a great story and a fabulous eye.

carved pencil 2carved pencil 1


Of things lost and things found, we here at Friday Props HQ have a challenge for you: Give up some money. Not for us, but for Erik Andrus and his crew of volunteers to build and sail a barge from Vermont all the way down to The Big Apple loaded with….apples. They’ll load the barge up with other tasty food stuffs from the Green Mountain State, pass under the George Washington Bridge and eventually return home before winter sets in. This sort of thing used to happen all the time before the railroads and interstate highway system, but we admire the creative adventure, the educational tie-in with The Willowell Foundation and, well, boats with sails. Join the adventure. Donate a couple of dollars and follow their journey.

Old canal boat


Our third spot on Props, coveted by many and often considered the Crown Jewel of Friday props by a small band of semi-intelligent jellyfish off the coast of Nova Scotia, goes to Andy Prokh. *Be forewarned, we are using his photographs with absolutely no written permission but in a purely non-commercial context because the highly esteemed Friday Props Selection Board only accepts Props for Props. Andy is a photographer who created a series of pictures with his daughter and his cat, both of whom are delightful to see as are many of his photographs. I highly encourage you to take a few moments to wander through his Facebook gallery. (Fair Warning: There are a few nude photographs but mostly very beautiful photography).

cat girl friendship1

cat girl friendship2