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Friday Props #44


Recently, scientists seeking to learn the mysterious life of Props outfitted a young specimen with a remote camera using staples and Gorilla Glue before releasing it back into the wild. Over the course of several days, the scientists tracked the Props to better understand these reclusive beasts and observe its legendary growth. The scientists gleaned that in addition to consuming massive numbers of soft-shelled (or paperback books), the Props spent a great deal of time napping in strange locales such as the local clock tower and inside a shopping cart lined with mats of woven pine needles. As Friday drew near, the scientists’ anticipation grew, waiting for the special Friday Props to emerge.

Welcome, Friday! Welcome Props! Home to things big and small, but mostly oddly creative stuff. By the way, do you have a Prop? Would you please share your Props with us? We like sharing. Moving on! If you are a fan of the Props, it probably means that you spend a good bit of your time in front of a computer each day. So does, Cary. He’s an accountant. He sees a LOT of spreadsheets and is likely a full-blown expert at a level you and I could scarcely understand. Now there’s proof. Cary made a Role Playing Game INSIDE an Excel spreadsheet! Go ahead, take it for a test spin and, best part yet, it will look like you’re working!

 Excel Spreadsheet game

Our next bit of Props goes to a model-maker. OK, not JUST models, but that’s what caught our eye. The little, exceptionally detailed paper creations of Star Wars vehicles. And since we’ve all got a little bit of sci-fi geek in us here at Props HQ, David Canavese is a inherently Props worthy on that attribute ALONE. Then, if you dig a little deeper, you see that he plays with a MiG welder. Even more astounding, he also teaches ballroom, Latin, salsa and swing dancing. Awesome.


Finally, I would like to say that here at Edgeworks Creative, we do not resemble North Korea. We do not over-inflate our cultural “achievements” or consider ourselves beholden to a “great leader.” We do, however, practice a fair degree of nepotism when it comes to Friday Props. Unabashedly so. Our final Prop is a nod to Emma Blanchard-Rooney, Ed’s daughter, who participated in the Green Mountain Film Festival’s Film Slam and produced a fabulous short film that pays homage to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Watch this one and then catch the end of the festival this weekend! Go ahead! Tell’em Edgeworks Creative sent ya!