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Friday Props #4

Another Friday rolls around and another chance to send out some Props so let's get right to it!

The most amazing Robot Dance

This guy is simply astounding - check him out. His play on the theme of Wall-E is well done and beautiful. This is from Kyrgyzstan got talent - and evidently they do.  

Oru the Origami Kayak

Really? Seriously? An Origami Kayak!? Believe it. This is just awesome.

Oru- the Origami Kayak from Anton Willis on Vimeo.

  Moosach - Bikes with History

Props out to the crew at  Moosach Bikes. This Dutch brand of bike rolls out twelve bikes a year, each a refurbished vintage, road bike frame with new parts. They are made to be excellent and gorgeous and each with a story. The retro look and feel and the hot design certainly worth note.