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Friday Props #38 Your Props

There will be more tomorrow when I can blog from laptop or desktop, but I cannot accomplish this tonight on an iPad. 

Punished Props and M.U.L.E. - much more on those tomorrow.


It is now Saturday and I finally have an internet connection. In this edition of Friday Props we are featuring a couple submissions from some of our dear fans on Facebook - fans from the west coast of Canada and southeast of the U.S. For their efforts we are sending them a freshly modded Maverick Nerf Gun. Thanks for contributing your ideas!

Up first is the suggestion from Sean Enman of Dunedin Florida wondering if any of us remember M.U.L.E. Sean writes:

All older computer geeks remember the hay day of video games, Where cartages  and 5 1/4 in floppies ruled the market. There where epic titles that have been lost or neglicted throughout the years.  Well I would like to give props to all those web sites detected to bringing these games back. One such site is:

We're sad to report that this site is now down, and in it's place is a nasty little pop-up heavy, possible source of malware. For this reason the link has been removed. 

M.U.L.E Was the original 4 person, turn based strategy  game where players acquire a plot of land and need to develop and sell your stocks to take over. This game was the precursor to many popular strategy games like Civilization. Many sites that offer this game do so with an online version so you can hook up with 3 of your friends and relive glorious moments of your childhood.


Thanks for the reminder of that game - I personally can remember the sun rising and setting to the funky soundtrack of that game. 

Our second Props today comes from Vancouver, British Columbia from Eric Ronay. Eric writes:

This guy makes amazing custom armor and weapons taken from video games.

Facebook page:

I think he would be an awesome spotlight for Friday props, and a good
pun too! :P


We couldn't agree more - word play and puns are awesome. But the actual props being made - the video gaming replicas - they really are pretty damn cool. More than cool they are most certainly Props-worthy.