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Friday Props#35

Posted By Cynthia Ryan Cynthia Ryan Posted On Jan 19 2013 at 12:10 AM Jan 19 2013 at 12:10 AM



This week we are all on a tight deadline getting a major project completed for a client. There just isn't quite enough time. Hence- Friday props at a bit past midnight. Saturday props really, but it is Friday still just in the next time zone over.

So cool things that have to do with time. OK- well lets start with all of us here at the office are suckers for robots, so these are alarm clocks we might actually LIKE to wake up to. Way too cool!




We could all use a time machine from time to time (Hermione Granger's Time-Turner would be perfect right now.) Seems impossible--well, actually not so fast. Einstein believed that black holes could twist space and time and actually act as a time machine. Scientists are now looking at lasers that might be able to produce light with enough power to twist space. Check it out.


Unfortunately we don't have a time machine around here. So this week props go out to our very own Ed, for staying late and doing his part working at his 7 (yes count them 7 screens-and he uses them all!) to make the most of the time we have to meet our deadline!