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Friday Props #32

Friday Props roasting on an open fire....Friday Props nibble at your nose....Though its been said many time, many ways, Merry Friday you.

Welcome to the Post-Christmas edition of Friday Props! Don't put away those Christmas lights just yet. Don't put the tree outside until at least February and, when you do, hang suet balls and other tasty treats for the birds to gnosh on. Yesterday we received a wonderful snowstorm that dumped a whole mess of the most pristine powder on the hills and I'm jealous of all you folks who are sliding down hills through the stuff BUT....there's props to do.

The props this week cover a national obsession: Cars. Yep. Had to be done. Our first props go out to the folks who participate in Burning Man, an annual gathering of creativity in the middle of Black Rock desert, high and dry away from 'civilization.' If you haven't heard of it, I strongly urge you visit their website and browse. There is no simple or easy way to describe the week-long festival, but the creative souls that attend are props-worthy in many, many atmospheres. One category of art that trundles across 'the playa' are the art cars, automobiles transformed into....well.....anything. These are only a FEW examples of the mobile art of Burning Man.





burning man ship art car


Rick Canadian. There. I said it, I admit it and I'm getting that right out of the way so we can move on with our relationship. He's also a hell of a funny guy who has his own satirical news show on CBC. Think of weekend update of Jon Stewart. But Canadian, meaning, if you aren't from Canada, you'll miss some of the jokes. Most certainly better than Dave Letterman and that chump Paul Schaffer. While those two broadcast from the safe, cozy confines of their studio (which really is lovely), Rick goes out and gets dirty. He is like many of us. Us who work in offices with soft, smooth hands. Rick throws himself into the less sterilized, callous-handed world and has some serious fun. Props to you, Rick. You're worth your weight in bacon.


Finally, the props that started this silly car-themed post in the first place. That's right. The other two props? Filler. All I really wanted to write about is how amazing this last bit is. Now, I don't typically swoon over motor sports, especially when they are only a thinly veiled attempt for me to buy something. This video? Full of things they want you to buy. Looking past that isn't difficult to do. This is actually a video of stunt driver and rally racer Ken Block, the 5th in a series of videos that showcase is spectacularly nasty driving skills.... in Downtown San a super-fast car.  We also need to give props to the cinematographers who, albeit with amazing resources, captured and assembled this awesome footage. Breath-taking, jaw dropping footage.