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Friday Props #30

Thirty is the new Twenty! Twenty is the new Ten! None of that matters because this is, after all...your Friday Props, voted the #1 props in the universe by Zarniwoop Vann Harl! Now that, my friends, is cool.

Right out the gate, I'm going to warn you that not all of this is creative. Nope, because the fact of the matter is that Prop-worthy things happen all the time the same way that the nyads and dryads inhabit the woods. Sometimes it's a matter of being the right place, at the right time and other times, it's like falling and missing the ground. In this case, there's a little of both. Filming for the movie Chasing Ice, these fellas witness the calving of a "whopping 7.4 cubic km (that's 1.77 mi3) hunk of ice, detaching itself from Greenland's Ilulissat glacier." The movie is opening TODAY....but only if you live in England. 


Next up, I'm going to stay in the organic realm of things, but head south of the equator to the land of Hugo Chavez and......Hugo Chavez. Though he's a natural wonder unto himself, there's something that happens in Venezuela annually that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. The Catatumbo Lightning. Sure. We've all seen spectacular lightning storms in our time, but that's nothing compared to this phenomena. The lightning occurs "140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours per day and (strikes) up to 280 times per hour." I tried to find some video that best demonstrate this with little success. I found overly-produced sensationalist video. I found poorly-produced tourism board video. This is the most raw and honest of them all. WARNING: There's a fair amount of swearing because these people nearly got hit. OOooo...and look at this video of ball lightning from Saudi Arabia.



Tearing myself away from the lightning is tough to do, but we have to move on with the Props. Imagine yourself walking through town, working on that holiday shopping. The weather is a little brisk and your nose is starting to run. The crowds are beginning to aggravate you. You turn the corner and find this:

Implemented by the artist Filthy Lurker, I can visualize the awesome green tentacles reaching down, snagging the snarky and ungrateful before withdrawing back into the windows and doors. A smile spreads across your face, your step regains a bit of its spring and then you're back into the holiday spirit. Thanks, Filthy Lurker.