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Friday Props #29

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

Do you experience feelings of dread at your work?

Have you or a member of your family missed Friday Props?

If the answer is yes, don’t wait another minute. Call the professionals. Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your Friday Props needs. We're ready to believe you!

Welcome back to the future of Friday Props! This week, I couldn’t think of cool stuff to put into the props. I checked the bottom of the cereal box, but since kids choke on those prizes (don’t ask me how) I didn’t find one. I consulted my friend in Nepal, Takeshi, to see if he had any Friday Props for me. No luck there. Spirituality, yes. Props, no. I sifted through a pile of debris left over from Tropical Storm Irene at the edge of my yard. Just a Styrofoam cooler filled with old yarn and a faded My Little Pony.

Thankfully, Cyndi watched the entire Terminator movie AND television series over the weekend. She’s got cyborgs on the brain and quickly cited several examples of how Arnold and some pals will be taking over our fate in the near future. This future is starting slowly, cordially. After all, the cyborgs are meant to help us. The first step is incorporating the ‘borg pieces into our body. In effect, WE are assimilating the ‘Borg! This young man lost his eye in a childhood gun accident. Doctors surgically implanted a camera into his dead eye. Very prop-worthy.


Bionic limbs are all the rage these days. Not simple prosthetics mind you, but genuine, functioning limb replacements. Adam, our junior programmer at Edgeworks Creative, even has a tattoo on his forearm depicting a circuit board beneath his “torn” flesh. At least I think it’s a tattoo. I’m too afraid to ask. This feller from Australia, however, has the real deal and I’ll freely admit that, while I love my arms just fine, I think his is pretty darn cool.


And if his arm isn’t cool enough for you, this other feller has a bionic hand that he can control with his mind. Imagine the mischief you could get into leaving your hand somewhere!


Finally, we thought that, while Mr. Burns and countless other gazillionaires have their heads cryogenically frozen in the hope their brains will be revived and attached to a bionic body, the body technology is coming along nicely. This pair isn’t ready to use high powered weaponry such as a Gatling gun or missile launcher but its only a matter of time, my friends, before we launch a full-on cyborgs assault on the ravaging zombie hordes.