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Friday Props #23

Welcome back Friday! Time to waste some of The Man's time and scamper around in the land of Friday Props! Yep. To me the Friday Props are akin to frolicking in a luxuriantly green field high in the green mountains wearing my housecoat and viking horns. And they happen EVERY WEEK! Pull out your own magic helmet and join me, won't you? This Friday, we're going a little bit retro, but not in a snarky, hipster kinda way. Our first homage is to the art of signage, long lost and now, with a little breath of life, coming back. While mainly relegated to those streets and communities that can pay to have a custom sign made, how fantastic would it be to have an endemic revival, transforming the feel of strip malls across America? If you are a business owner, consider it. If you are a customer, admire it. In any way you can, encourage it.










Next up on our little retro field trip, we're giving props to the woman who created this killer clock. Blending an icon from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away with a music media equally as old, Linsay Barrasse made a few of these clocks with a hot knife and, by gum, they're cool. If I get motivated, perhaps I'll send her my vynal copy of "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" to create a custom clock of my own.



Finally, we must call attention to this date in history: On October 26th, 1936, the first generator (of 17) in the Hoover Dam, came online and began transmitting electricity to Los Angeles. The factoids relating to the dam are astounding, of course, but we won't regurgitate them here. We simply honor the dam, the folks involved with building it from surveyors to welders, and stand in awe of the way this edifice influenced the growth of the Southwest.