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Friday Props #21

Friday Props turns 21 this week. If anyone wants to send Friday Props a drink for it's 21st just let us know. You'd think I would have bundled together some interesting category of things to celebrate the 21st week, but you'd be wrong. I've done no such thing. Q: What do remote control cockroaches, paper horses and lamps have in common? A: Nothing until now.

Remote Control Cockroaches

When disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis strike, the sad fact is oftentimes there are people who die buried in rubble that could survive if only they could be located.  The difficulty in locating people trapped in these situations is getting deep enough down inside the devastation to actually find them. Well Props are going out today to the engineers and scientists of the North Carolina State University for pioneering control of cockroaches for exactly this purpose. By outfitting the cockroaches with a backpack capable of delivering small electrical impulses to the antenna and rear of the insects, scientists are able to control where the roaches go - effectively giving scientists the opportunity to use these critters as miniature eyes beneath the surface of a disaster and potentially helping to save lives. The program still has lots of work ahead of itself, but props going out to the newest beast of burden: the lowly cockroach. It's about time we found an actual use for our future overlordscreepy little friends.


Paper Horses

Awhile back I did a Friday Props on amazing paper artists. Richard Sweeney could have been included in that bunch. His life-sized horse sculptures made completely of sheets of A1 paper are a stunning display for an Olympic-inspired flower festival. I'm interested in finding out more about the other works from this artist so you may see his work featured here again. Props going out for the paper horses.

Capsule Lamp

Our final Friday Props goes out to the Capsule Lamp. This is just so cool - had I had one of these as a kid there would have been plenty of LEGO men held captive inside these...

It's like having your own vending machine with little treasures in plastic capsules only you get to decide what is included. The design was created by Design Systems Ltd of Hong Kong.