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Friday Props #11

For our eleventh installment of Friday Props I was going to start out with a tribute to space exploration and specifically to the Mars Curiosity rover en route and nearly arrived, but it got me thinking about the spirit of exploration in general. That then led me to thinking about the boundless potential of childhood and childhood dreams. So this week we are giving out Props for people and things in some way related to the wonder of childhood.

Super Heroes

The window washers at the London Children's Hospital dress in super hero costumes for the kids. This is just plain awesome. You can imagine how it might lift the spirits of some kids who could really use it. Major Props going out for these guys - a super hero thing to do.







Moonrise Kingdom

We won't be handing out Props too often for movies, but this movie is just too good to ignore. It's a sweet, silly, random story of childhood love and wanderings set in the fictional New England island of "New Penzance". The casting, the dialogue, the hillarity  ... it's all so much worth seeing. Props going out to Wes Anderson for his film. Watch the trailer below, check out the Moonrise Kingdom website and check local movie times - I promise you this is one movie you want to see.

Moonrise Kingdom Trailer from Jason Weinberger on Vimeo.

 Lemonade Stand

Who doesn't remember opening a lemonade stand in hopes of making gobs of cash? That sense of potential ... the possibilities being limitless... This picture is a re-hash from our Facebook page earlier in the week, but in the spirit of this weeks' theme I thought it was appropriate to post it here as well. Props going out to the neighborhood kids who set up their lemonade stand outside. You guys are awesome.