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Alphabet Soup: VILT

We took a little break from the Alphabet Soup series, but we're back with a spponful of V, I, L, and T. While VILT has been around for a long time, anyone who lived in a place with stay-at-home lockdown orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has kids in school will have an awareness of VILT - Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

Here at Edgworks Creative we work with companies who provide instructor-led training, and with our sister company Interactive.Training we deliver on the promise of VILT.

VILT refers to training that is delivered in a virtual environment where the instructor and learner are in seperate locations. These trainings can be conducted either at a specified time (synchronous) or at the convenience of the learner (asynchronous). Sometimes, especially when done synchronously, VILT can be described instead as Virtual Classroom Training, or VCT.

Businesses have been employing VILT in increasing numbers as the tools and available bandwidth for delivering positive learning experiences have steadily improved. Often these trainings are JITL experiences for onboarding, professional development opportunities, sales training, and more.

Academia has established degree-granting and certfiicate-granting programs that are based on VILT. Our own Meghan Hamlin earned her bachelor's degree largely through virtual classroom experiences.

If you have an interest in developing VILT instructional materials please reach out to us as our Interactive.Training platform includes the ability to host both synchronous and asynchronous trainings.