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Alphabet Soup: TL;DR

This Alphabet Soup is short and sweet which is just great for those who don't like to read much. In this serving of Alphabet Soup we look at TLDR, or TL;DR if you prefer to keep things more formal.

You may see this used in forums like Reddit. Often a person about to delve into a long story or a detailed analysis will offer a summary which a person can read if they haven't the time to read the entire piece. These summaries are typically preceeded by TLDR to let the reader know. They are most often placed at the end of the content.

For advanced Alphabet Soup afficianodos we also offer TL;DW (Too long; Didn't watch) and TL;DC (Too long; Don't care) if you haven't had your morning coffee yet or want to appear like an obstinant teenager to whose hand you may speak.