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Alphabet Soup: FPO

Among the acronyms you might run into while you work a new design - whether that be a print design or web design - is FPO. This one is a particularly easy spoon of letters to take in, even if you are just taking them in temporarily and spitting them back out because FPO stands for For Placement Only.

Similar to Lorem Ipsum for text content, FPO images are meant only as placeholders until the real assets can be placed within the design. Designers have different means of conveying that an image is FPO. Some will use the same image over and over within a design mockup. Others will emblazen FPO on top of the image while others will treat the images with embedded text to declare the intended size of the image.

If your design uses industry standard ad sizes for images then there is a good chance you may see the image dimensions or name as the image content (example below).

The next time you're working with a designer feel free to flex your new-found knowledge and ask if the images in the mockup are final or FPO.