Web Design Portfolio

Below is a small sampling of the work we have done using our web development process. Coupled with the Edgeworks CMS, we offer top-notch, affordable and creative solutions. Get in touch today.

BFGoodrich #AreYouDriverEnough

Tablet Network, App design, Website Design

The BFGoodrich #AreYouDriverEnough tour is a North American tour featuring professional drivers and both wet and dry autocross exercises on both BFGoodrich products and the competitor tires as selected by the attendees. As the attendees arrive at the events they are given a tablet that is running the AYDE app. The tablets are connected to a local wireless network and a Next Unit of Computing Ubuntu server is serving up content, saving photos taken with the tablets and tally scores for the gamified app. As attendees move from one session to the next content on their tablets unlocks thanks to bluetooth beacons. Photos, scores, and more all become available to participants on the AreYouDriverEnough.com website.

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Website Design and Information Design

Edgeworks Creative worked closely with Darren Allen, the Communications Director for Vermont-NEA, to provide a replacement for what had been an extremely difficult to use and poorly designed website with a beautiful, robust, responsive design. In addition to simply re-deisgning the website, however, we worked with Vermont-NEA to provide Information Design - taking the information presented on the old website and helping to logically categorize the information into six main categories making it simpler for users of the site to reach the information they are searching for.

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Michelin Sales Training Center

Tablet-based eLearning and website

Edgeworks Creative replaced expensive print materials with digital materials presented on tablets for students of Michelin Sales Training seminars. The tablets are used to serve multiple courses to clients such as Sam's Club. Quizzes and other data are then made available to track student performance and progress.

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Vermont Heritage Real Estate

Edgeworks CMS for Realtors Site

Vermont Heritage Real Estate needed a new web presence and decided the Edgeworks CMS for Realtors was for them. Regular updates to the listings on the website are provided behind the scenes so Sherri and her team can focus on their clients while the new website provides for an increasingly personalized experience and features Natural Language Search for finding properties.

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Revitalizing Waterbury

Edgeworks CMS Website Design

We worked closely with both the current and former executive directors of the organization to deliver a new website that features among other things a Calendar of Events, local Business Directory and blog. The new site is designed using elements from the Waterbury Branding project that RW undertook. The old RW site was difficult to update and difficult to navigate. We worked closely together with RW to update the look and feel of the website and provide a better experience for users of the website.

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Church & Main

Restaurant Website Design

This website, built on the Edgeworks CMS for Restaurants includes integration with Single Platform for menus and Open Table for reservations. We built this site to be a responsive site with different displays for different devices, all focused on providing a fast, rich display with gorgeous photogrpahy. The Church & Main restaurant website is another example of how the Edgeworks CMS can be tailored to provide business-critical services in a well-crafted and beautiful display.

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Washington West Supervisory Union

An Edgeworks CMS website

Washington West Supervisory Union chose to work with Edgeworks Creative to develop a strategy for keeping their website content organized and easily accessible and maintainable. After working with us to develop a content strategy we worked together to design and develop the website in a way that made it simple for the myriad of audiences WWSU serves to find the information they are looking for rapidly. The WWSU website is buil on the Edgeworks CMS and features live Twitter feed, Responsive Design and more.

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Guest Relations Association

Website Design and Membership Subscription Service

The Guest Relations Association consists of companies and corporations across all industries who host customers and visitors through some type of unique experience in the form of a tour of their museum, factory or visitor center. Member businesses benefit from information exchange, skills improvement, benchmarking opportunites and now from a brand new responsive website built on the Edgeworks CMS

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Harwood Union High School

An Edgeworks CMS for Schools site

Another Edgeworks CMS for Schools site, the Harwood Union High School website provides administration with fine-tune permissions allowing many people to contribute to the website content for the sections their job relates to.

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Waitsfield Elementary School

Edgeworks CMS for Schools website

The Edgeworks CMS for Schools is the platform we use to deliver excellent websites to schools. We provide teachers and administrators with their own interface to manage what matters to them - classrooms for teachers and communications for administrators. We welcome other schools to discover how the Edgeworks CMS for Schools can be a budget-friendly website solution for school administrators, teachers, students and their families. For the Waitsfield Elementary School, we provided a custom design with earthy primary colors and the ability for teachers to create their own classroom pages complete with image galleries, descriptive text, classroom blog and resource links.

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The Tire Experience

Website Design and Extreme ConditionsTablet Network

Mike Hopwood of the 4x4 Center in South Burlington, Vermont contacted us to create a new website and integrate iPads into the classroom for a winter tire school he operates for Michelin Tire. We were tasked with making the classroom experience something that could last beyond the two says of the courses. The students now complete all classroom materials, including waivers, tests and workbooks, on iPads and also use the iPads to capture photos and video. All digital assets are loaded to the website and are available to the students shortly after they have completed the course, thus and providing students with incentives to use what they learned and the rich media they captured on the sales floor.

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Brooks Barron Real Estate

An Edgeworks CMS for Realtors Site

Brooks Barron Real Estate is a website built on the Edgeworks CMS for Realtors. The website features listings belonging to Brooks Barron as well as all the listings within the Northern New England Real Estate Network (NNEREN) that match their property inclusion criteria. The Edgeworks CMS for Realtors updates every hour with any new listings or changes to existing listings and provides for the most readable property details pages of any Realtor websites currently using the MLS system in New England.

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Website Design

1824 House is a stunning Vermont destination Inn and Wedding venue. When Connie and Hallie Mendell approached up to redo their website, they were frustrated at their inability to easily update the site and the fact that the old site did not highlight the wedding venue aspect of the business. Additionally the site suffered from a lack of content to drive search engine results. We built the new site on the Edgeworks CMS platform, thus allowing them to add information and update their website as they grow.

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Tha Madness

A Hip-Hop Artist Website

Chesh is a rising hip-hop artist from the 802. His ThaMadness.com site draws its inspiration from the artist fascination with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, providing rich graphical backgrounds and textures well suited to the artist. In addition to the visual aspects the site employs, visitors can listen to tracks from the album via streaming mp4 files.

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Deppman & Foley, P.C.

Attorney Website on the Edgeworks CMS for Attorneys

An Edgeworks CMS for Attorneys website for the firm of Deppman & Foley, P.C. After having professional photographs taken of all the staff members we were able to create for them a very nice, easy to use attorney firm website.

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Marsh & Wagner, P.C.

An Edgeworks CMS for Attorneys Site

Edgeworks CMS for Attorneys is the platform we use to deliver excellent websites for legal firms. We provide a simple interface to manage what matters to them - areas of practice, bios for attorneys and staff, and frequently asked questions. Get in touch with us today to get your own custom-designed, low-cost attorney website built on the Edgeworks CMS for Attorneys.

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Fenix Fine Foods

An Edgeworks Biz Card Site

Not all businesses require a full-blown website. We recognized early on that small and micro-businesses need a web presence at an affordable price. We turned the Edgeworks CMS to the task of creating mobile-friendly website designs specifically for this audience. The result? Edgeworks Business Card sites - easy to set up, simple to use and responsive to the both mobile and desktop viewers. With a EWC Biz Card Site, Fenix Fine Foods is indexed by the search engines and can answer visitors' most common questions ~Who are you? What do you do? When are you open? What is your phone number? Where are you located? Are you on Facebook?

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