Print Design Portfolio

Below is a small sampling of the print design work we have done. From book layout and cover design to brochures, posters, business cards and more, Edgeworks Creative has you covered. Get in touch today.

Much Ado About Nothing

Poster Design

This poster was designed for the Get Thee to the Funnery Summer Shakespeare Camp's production of Much Ado About Nothing. The directors wanted the poster to convey the fun the young actor's had while involved in the camp but still have the poster say...well...nothing..about the play.

Swedish Institute Catalog


This catalog for the Continuing Education department of the Swedish Institute was designed to show students they have unlimited options, unlimited paths for their career. The design mimics the signage in the New York City Subway system, clearly giving guidance to readers about where they are and where they can go on their journey.

Amaco Studio

Magazine Ad

This advertisement connects the pottery studio owner with the fundamental tools of their trade. The underlying message lies in its simplicity: Amaco products are the basis for your work.

Action Circles

Logo Design

A logo design for Amy Schollenberger's business, Action Circles. The business focuses on assisting organizations with grassroots organizing, political strategy, organizational capacity building, and meeting facilitation. The logo visually represents Amy's Action Circles Organizing Model, which is built upon identifying and working with circles of supporters on various levels of commitment, concept or movement.

Vermont Natural Coatings

Email Newsletter Design

This project was to take a print newsletter designed for Vermont Natural Coatings and convert it into a custom HTML email template for use in Constant Contact.

Swedish Institute

Environmental Signage

This window is part of a much larger environmental signage installation at the Swedish Institute on West 26th street in New York City. The signage project consisted of multiple interior pieces including a large mural of quotes.

Applying Good Lives

Book Design

A book for clinicians addressing the very sensitive subject of sex offender treatment, this project was a significant challenge. Between the nature of the material and the professional, compassionate approach required in both text and treatment, the book became a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Sight Unseen

Poster Design

Designed for the small theater production company Credo for the Stage, this poster captured the essence of the play by Donald Marguiles. This particular image visually conveys the dramatic subtleties of the play that explores both the overt and hidden emotions of the characters.

Justin Morgan Trail


An iconic piece of Vermont history, the Morgan Horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in North America. This brochure outlines a driving tour through the state highlighting locations of historical significant to Morgan Horse enthusiasts.

Swedish Institute Clinics


This project was a very successful change in the way that the Swedish Institute, a college of health sciences in Manhattan, handled its massage clinic information and registration forms. We combined multiple flyers and forms into a cohesive package with tear out registration forms.

Vermont Law School Environmental Law Center

Newsletter Design

This is a two-color template designed within the constraints of a tight budget. The initial print run included the first issue and numerous blank templates, allowing in-house staff to create future newsletters digitally on a black laser printer for cost-saving purposes.

Governor's Institutes

Newsletter Design

The Governor's Institutes of Vermont's annual newsletter required a complete redesign. The new design changed the format of the piece to standard 8 1/2 x 11 size, keeping overall printing costs low even after adding full color to the piece for the first time.

Romeo and Juliet

Poster Design

The Get Thee to the Funnery Shakespeare Summer Camp production of Romeo and Juliet steered away from the romantic notion of star crossed lovers and focused on the dark violent nature of the play as reflected in this poster.

Kingswood Builders

Logo Design

This logo design for Kingswood Builders represents the high-end high-quality work that Kingswood Builders completes for their clients. It did not end up being the final choice of the firm, but it was Cynthia's favorite of the many logo variations presented to the client.


Poster Design

The White River Valley Player's production of Ransom, a play based upon the Civil War letters of Ransom W. Towle, required a poster designed with a historical feel that was still striking enough to command the attention of modern theater going audiences. This is the one that met that need.

Penstroke Press

Logo Design

Penstroke Press, a small independent publisher of works of established poets and playwrights, needed a simple, bold and clean logo. This one did the trick.

Augusto Salazar

Logo Design

Augusto wanted the logo to feel professional and elegant to reflect the foundation of his classical violin. The flair above his name represents his playful nature behind the music and the occasional strings he breaks in the process.

The Lyme Inn

Newspaper Insert Ad

Following an extensive renovation, this ad captures the elegance of the food and the accommodations offered in the new space perfectly. The open house invitation ad ran as a full color insert in the dining guide of the local newspaper. Special thanks to Glenn Moody for the beautiful photography.

Amaco Gallery

Trade Show Ad

Breaking out of the trade show advertising mold, this piece represents Amaco's goal of transforming the atmosphere of their trade booth into a true art gallery of exceptional work. This advertisement coveys a sense of beauty and sophistication typically not see in a large trade venues and thus stood out amid the myriad of other advertising featured at the show.

Swedish Institute


Previously, the Swedish Institute created separate course catalogues for each field of study. This redesign merged the catalogues into a comprehensive guide, revived the look and feel of the piece and improved the accuracy of future revisions

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Poster Design

This poster was designed for Vermont Teen Theater for a raucous and lively interpretation of this hysterically funny play. The use of the photo of Converse sneakers with brightly colored socks picks up an iconic theme from the play (almost every production of this show is performed with actors wearing this garb in addition to shakespearean period clothing pieces.)

Inner Traditions Forthcoming Titles


This catalog redesign rejuvenated the look and feel of the Inner Traditions Forthcoming Titles catalog. Altering the catalog's organizational structure to add listings of related books, as suggested by Cynthia, resulted in a significant increase in sales of older titles for the company.

Rochester Chamber Music Society


For over ten years, the Rochester Chamber Music Society (RCMS) has used this design for their seasonal booklet. The booklet is a tool for program information and organizational sponsorship and has served RCMS well over the years. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Swedish Institute Alumni Services


Adhering to the tightly established branding practice of the Swedish Institute, this informational brochure highlights alumni assistance program. The clean, simple design reflects the culture of the Swedish Institute.

Michael Arnowitt, Pianist


Michael is a classical and jazz pianist from Montpelier, Vermont who contracted the creation of this brochure of program offerings for presentation to venue owners. As the subject of the 2004 documentary Beyond 88 Keys: The Music of Michael Arnowitt, the brochure required an understated elegance and beauty that resonates with the classical music community.

Advanced Western Techniques

Book Cover

The cover is an educational text covering advanced massage techniques for the Swedish Institute. This design became the template for an entire series of textbooks used by at this nationally recognized educational institution for nursing and allied health professionals.

Journey of Healing

Book Design

"Journey of Healing" required more than just basic book design. A collection of stories written by survivors of sexual abuse, the emotion, bravery and raw honesty of the authors' works deserved a design that reflected the care and compassion. The final piece is restful and open, giving physical space within the book for reflection.

A Day on the Farm with Annabelle

Book Design

This stunning children's book is written and illustrated by local Vermont artist Judy Jensen. Working together on the final layout of the book became a discovery process for Judy and Cynthia. For the final published book, Judy created additional scratchboard pieces at Cynthia's request resulting in a truly remarkable finished work.

The Edison Gene

Book Cover

This multi-layer design represents the visual foundation of Thom Hartmann's book on ADHD. The dual imagery of DNA strands and the underlain genetic map immediately draw the prospective reader to the cover without reading a single word of text.

Amaco Potter's Choice

Magazine Ad

This ad for Amaco demonstrates how layering specialty glazes yields a completely different effect. This is one in a series of ads showing the variety of finishes possible when one glaze (PC-59) is applied upon other Amaco glazes. Beyond the serving as an advertisement, the page is also a reference guide for prospective consumers, extending the longevity of the marketing campaign.

Amaco Red Velvet

Magazine Ad

A beautiful advertisement for a beautiful glaze: drawing on the subtle cracks and variations, the print accentuates the complex lighting and use of texture by the photographer.