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Friday Props-The Happy Friday Edition
Tags: Props, instagram, animated text, gifs, pokemon, palletes, color, aerial photography, light, sculpture
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Aug 21 2015 At: 1:55 PM

Happy Friday everyone! Here's some props to kick off your weekend!First up is this little tool to generate animated text. It's easy to use, and exports to a gif form in a multitude of colours. It's fun, and that's enough for me to props it. Give it a try here. Next up is this palette generator based entirely around the original set of pokemon. It displays the colors used in the illustrations side by side with the 8 bit art. Find your favorites over at Here's the obligatory Pikachu as well as a couple palettes I personally enjoyed quite... Read More

Friday Props #88 - Useless
Tags: Friday, Props, useless, web, internet, dogs, leekspin, spam sandwich, falling, color, patience
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Nov 7 2014 At: 10:07 AM

It’s clear that the internet is an invaluable tool in modern society, and it’s chock full of interesting, useful, items, all just a click away. Last weeks props came at you with a collection of useful tools from around the web. That being said, today's props go out to some of the most useless websites we could find. Those that dare to embrace the freedom of the internet to do nothing of particular use. We’ll open with a throwback to an internet sensation circa 2006, Loituma Girl. Also known as the leek spinner, this clip is a prime example of some of... Read More

Friday Props # 14
Tags: Friday Props, color
Category: Props
Posted by: Cynthia Ryan
Posted on: Aug 24 2012 At: 9:33 PM

Ed is coding away on a tight deadline and Phil is on vacation, so I get to do Friday Props this week. I was "noodling" (as Ed would say) what my theme could be when I saw a Facebook post by Ed's son, Addison, about "liking" all the colors of the rainbow. I completely understand that. When someone asks "what color is your favorite?" all I can think is "how in the world do I answer that?" It's like asking which of your children is your favorite. None--each is uniquely themselves--perfect as they are. OK, to be fair there are... Read More