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Why Good Design Matters
Tags: design, branding strategy, graphic design, visual design, visual identity, web design, corporate collateral
Category: Design
Posted by: Cynthia Ryan
Posted on: Jul 24 2012 At: 10:58 AM

Design—it is all around us. Stop reading for just a moment and look around you—every man-made item in your field of vision was designed by someone. Permeating our lives, good design is often not noticed while bad design drives us to frustration; the cell phone that hangs up when held against your ear in a particular manner is more often noticed than the one that functions flawlessly and lets you go on with the task at hand without bringing attention to itself. Yet even without noticing it, all design influences you. Design impacts our daily lives. It can be found in... Read More

Landing Pages - What, Why and How
Tags: landing pages, AdWords, call to action
Category: Design, SEM
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Jun 12 2012 At: 4:50 PM

One of the most effective tools we have in our bag of tricks is the effective planning and execution of well-done Landing Pages. If you own a business and are looking to expand your reach, it is worthy of your time to consider a Landing Page campaign. What are Landing Pages? I'm glad you asked. Landing Pages are simply web pages on your site that are typically designed for a singular purpose - usually a sign-up (lead generation) or a sale. A typical business might have anywhere from a handful to hundreds of Landing Pages. They are closely tied to online advertising... Read More