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Friday Props: A Whirlwind Edition
Tags: Props, motorsports, comedy, Animation
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Aug 7 2015 At: 4:34 PM

It's been a pretty hectic week here at edgeworks creative, so i'm keeping the theme going with a Whirlwind Edition of Friday Props. Here Goes! First up is this time collapsed video of kites on the beach. It's a fitting start to this eclectic collection of propsworthy coolness. It's neat, need I say more? Next up is this mock campaign to build a 300 mile wall around San Francisco. Why? To keep burning man participants from returning of course! The video featured below is fairly amusing itself, but the site itself ( completes the experience How about another piece of humorous props? Here's... Read More

New Client Website Friends of the Winooski River
Tags: Friends of Winooski River, New Client Website
Category: Client Website
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Aug 4 2015 At: 10:05 PM

We're pleased to announce delivery of a new website for Friends of the Winooski River. We worked with the organization to replicate their existing site on the Edgeworks CMS TM platform. Point-and-click editing greatly simplifies managing the content on their site which means more time spent on the noble goals of the group and less time dedicated to getting frustrated trying to update their site. Read More

Friday Props: To those who make
Tags: Friday Props, bespoke, handmade, those who make
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Jul 31 2015 At: 2:38 PM

My props this week are entirely inspired by a curated collection of creators I found early in the week. is dedicated to showcasing people endeavoring to craft by hand. The site features videos, short interviews, vintage photos, and various books for those who want to make for themselves. Those Who Make doesn't take much time to describe itself, focusing purely on it's content. All I can find is that it's run by Michael Ariel, a maker of quality handmade textile goods found under the name Proudly Say. All around it's a wonderful site to explore the mindset of the the... Read More

Friday Props-A Mixed Bag Edition
Tags: Props, ceramics, Art , Star Wars, commercial, parody, bespoke
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Jul 24 2015 At: 1:56 PM

Here's to another work week coming to a close. Let's celebrate with some friday props! It's a mixed bag edition, so here's a bunch of things I found interesting. This Parody. Entitled "The Timmy Brothers" this piece is a great parody piece about bespoke drinking water. Give it a watch, enjoy a laugh, and pass it along? This Commercial. Stripped down and simple, this commercial made by Avocados and Coconuts carries a simple reminder to find yourself outside. With the weekend ahead of us, it's a good motivation to have an adventure! These Woodblocks. There's something incredibly cool about traditional print techniques meeting up with Star... Read More