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Friday Props #80: Feeling Fat?
Tags: Fitness, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Dance
Category: Props, Video
Posted by: Jeanelle Achee
Posted on: Feb 21 2014 At: 4:37 PM

It's been 2014 for a while now. Did you make a New Year's Resolution? How did it turn out? Still going strong or are you keeping your resolution for NEXT year?  The Top Five American New Year's Resolutions: 1. Lose Weight 2. Get Organized 3. Spend Less, Save More 4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest 5. Stay Fit and be Healthy  Two (possibly three if you count "enjoy life to the fullest"- what does that actually mean anyway? Super vague, people...) of the resolutions have to do with weight loss. If you're from a state where snow falls, you might fall into the category of people who... Read More

Friday Props #79
Tags: Body Paint, Fine Art, Naked Vegas, Alex Meade, Johannes Stotter
Category: Props, Video
Posted by: Jeanelle Achee
Posted on: Feb 20 2014 At: 11:55 AM

After a brief hiatus (blame the snow?)- Friday Props is back! This week the focus is on a highly under-appreciated form of art: body painting.  There is a taboo with this art form because of the *gasp* nudity and the impression that it can not be "fine art". Our goal at Edgeworks is to look at all forms of creativity (hence Edgework CREATIVE!) and broaden our horizons as well as those of our clients and friends. It's all about thinking outside the box- or in this case... The canvas.  Johannes Stötter shows that body painting CAN be fine art.            Johannes is an expert... Read More