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Content, Content, Content - Business Promotion Through Blogging
Tags: content strategy, content is king, Content, content creation, small business
Category: Content Creation, Marketing, Website Ownership
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Jul 1 2013 At: 10:39 AM

Way back in the early days of the internet before the idea of "search engines" there was "the directory". The directory was a website of links that people (real, actual, in-the-flesh people) would collect and organize into categories. When you were browsing the internet it is likely that you went to one of these directories to find your way around the internet. This is how Yahoo! became the gateway to the internet - same with AOL and others. In order to be considered worthy of listing it was important to have plenty of original content on your website. When search engines... Read More

No New Content Ideas? Curate the News!
Tags: news, curating content, writing content
Category: Marketing, Content Creation
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Jun 25 2012 At: 2:43 PM

One of the cornerstones to success with any online endeavor is to have a steady output of content. The phrase "Content is King" has time and time again shown itself to be true. In order to rank well in search results for your particular subject matter we always counsel businesses and bloggers to write more content. Sometimes, however, the time it takes to write new content can become a weight that is hard to bear. It's hard to see what more can be written about a topic when so many others have already seemingly covered everything and it's not a simple... Read More