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Google Hotel Finder and Us
Tags: Google Hotel Finder, Independent hotels, Hotel reservations, Hotel SEM
Category: Marketing, Q&A, SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Jun 13 2013 At: 4:28 PM

This morning a client came into our office for a meeting and actually showed me something new: Google’s Hotel Finder. Like many Google products, this tool didn’t launch with a huge amount of fanfare and, even now, it isn’t bold and in your face. The implications, however, could affect many businesses tied to the lodging industry. What does the Hotel Finder do? Similar to one of my favorite tools, Google Flights, when a user searches for a keyword string such as ‘hotels in Boston,’ they will see a typical SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Along the top and right side are advertisements... Read More

Google AdWords Promos & Campaigns Part Two
Tags: Google Adwords, small business, google promotion, keyword list, keyword search, display network, search network
Category: Marketing, SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Dec 20 2012 At: 9:34 PM

Welcome back! Great to see that your brain is still pliable and resilient. Starting where we left off, using a set of relevant keywords in the Keyword Tool of Google AdWords, we got to this screen: Sock Ideas! No Need To Spend 2 Hours Developing a List of Keywords! Selecting The Right Ones, However, Can Be Tricky. From this screen, you can use the '+' to expand the subsections and display possible keywords for your AdWords campaign. Before you go hitting the 'Save All' button to add the keywords to your campaign, lets really scrutinize what we've got here. 'Local Monthly... Read More

Google AdWords Promos & Campaigns Part Three
Tags: Google Adwords, google promotion, Keywords, Constructing a text ad, Search Engine Marketing
Category: SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Dec 20 2012 At: 6:08 PM

Back on the attack! Time to make an ad or two to give you the feel! We ended the last post about to construct our first advertisement on this screen: All in all this is pretty easy. There's no graphics, no font options, not jingles...just your words to draw people to your advertisement. The handy preview window the right will show you exactly what your ad will look like! As Google will tell you in the "Help me write a great text ad," draw attention to your ad by highlighting the amazing things you do, tell the users to do something... Read More

Thinking Local
Tags: Google, local listings, local directories, directory submission, web directory, yelp, super pages, page rank
Category: Marketing, SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Oct 31 2012 At: 10:56 AM

Here in Vermont, the mantra "buy local" is everywhere you look. The same way that recycling programs  changed our consciousness, buying local is such a part of the culture here, many people are hardwired to think of the shopping resources close by before even considering an online purchase. Funny thing is, Google is doing the same thing with their search results. Whether you are using a mobile devise or sitting comfortably at a desk top, when you log into Google and type in your keyword search, Google is using both the keywords and your location to bring up the most... Read More