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New Project: Michelin Tire and the 4x4 Center
Tags: Michelin Tire, The 4x4 Center, iPads in the Classroom, iPads, Outdoor Camera Network, Edgeworks CMS, TheTireExperience
Category: Client Website, Design, Services
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Mar 5 2013 At: 3:06 PM

Some time ago we were contacted by Mike Hopwood of the 4x4 Center in South Burlington, Vermont. He was interested in doing a bit of work on his website for The 4x4 Center as well as in getting our feedback (and later, a proposal) on integrating iPads into the classroom for a winter tire school he operates.  If you find yourself wondering what kind of Land Rover restoration and vehicle repair shop has a classroom, you'd be joining the club. It didn't take long, however, for us to understand the project in more detail. You see, Mike Hopwood operates a facility... Read More

Friday Props #22
Tags: elephants, elephant in the room, elephants on the beach
Category: Design, Marketing, Props
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Oct 19 2012 At: 12:16 PM

A rough week in land of Friday Props. So many distractions. If the changing of the seasons wasn't enough here at the news desk, the presidential debates made it abundantly clear that any remaining leaves will soon be on the ground, a foundation for the snow to come. Though it was almost a fun year ago, we won't forget what happened. So this week, our props go to the elephants, those terrestrial mammoths that stop the earth and those that can invisibly fill the room. The Aquatic Elephant, NOT A MERMAID. Though not native to the European continent, this elephant... Read More

Friday props #18
Tags: ben shadis, cantilever, architecture
Category: Design, Props
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Sep 21 2012 At: 12:02 PM

Welcome to Friday Props! A delicious part of this nutritious breakfast! Fall, fall, fall. Leaves, chilly nights, cider....yeah, yeah, yeah. There's plenty of people talking about that these days. "D'ja git yer cider up ta Ellie's yet?" Not yet, sir, but I assure you I shall. The comforting regularity of the seasons is grounding for everyone here, but one reason we consider things creative here is when the expectation, the normalcy is changed; bent or gently twisted at such an angle where it gives us pause to think deeper. We all walk a fine line between our reality and our... Read More

Friday Props #17
Tags: pumpkin trebuchet, vermont fall, boyden family farm, foliage, vermont
Category: Design, Props
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Sep 14 2012 At: 5:39 PM

Welcome back for this week's installment of Friday Props, the only props you'll ever need! Here in Vermont we are beginning to feel the chill in the air as fall muscles its way across the green mountains. In many ways, this changing of the seasons is a welcome change and brings with it the familiar sights, smells, sounds, tastes and opportunities for creativity. No, we won't feature foliage shots or the latest pumpkin-based beer, but a few things that signal the coming of fall for us. The World's Largest QR Code I'm not one to hem and haw about an... Read More