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Google Hotel Finder and Us
Tags: Google Hotel Finder, Independent hotels, Hotel reservations, Hotel SEM
Category: Marketing, Q&A, SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Jun 13 2013 At: 4:28 PM

This morning a client came into our office for a meeting and actually showed me something new: Google’s Hotel Finder. Like many Google products, this tool didn’t launch with a huge amount of fanfare and, even now, it isn’t bold and in your face. The implications, however, could affect many businesses tied to the lodging industry. What does the Hotel Finder do? Similar to one of my favorite tools, Google Flights, when a user searches for a keyword string such as ‘hotels in Boston,’ they will see a typical SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Along the top and right side are advertisements... Read More

Introducing Q&A with Edgeworks Creative
Tags: Q and A
Category: Q&A
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Feb 10 2013 At: 1:28 PM

Introducing Q&A With Edgeworks Creative You have questions. We know you do, because we hear them all the time. Questions about marketing online, questions about new technologies, questions about design and art and birds and bees. Well... we don't have answers to the birds and bees questions, but we DO often have answers and opinions on any range of subjects pertaining to marketing, design, business and all things web. We invite you to send your questions to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to provide thoughtful answers to your questions. Almost every day one or more of us here at... Read More