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Server Outage: What Happened and How We Are Responding
Tags: HostGator, Server Outage, Downtime, Failover Planning, Secondary DNS
Category: Edgeworks Office, Services
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Apr 17 2014 At: 2:43 PM

Yesterday (4/16/14) shortly before 1PM we began experiencing problems with our server. We noticed problems connecting to several websites and began investigating what appeared to be dropped packets and sluggish response times. By about 1:30PM the server began being intermittently unreachable and it went offline completely by 3PM. At that point all of our client websites (and ours as well) became unreachable. While it is within the realm of normal to have occassional hiccups that may make a server unreachable for a few short moments, it became apparent there was a much more serious issue at play as minutes turned to... Read More

Introducing Real-Time Backups
Tags: Real Time Backup, Client Service, File Backups
Category: Edgeworks Product, Services
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Feb 21 2014 At: 11:53 AM

We recently improved our server backup solutions and are happy to announce that Edgeworks Creative now provides real-time file backups for our client websites. Our new system scans our servers for files that have changed and automatically captures a real-time offsite backup of any files that are added, removed or changed. This means that in the event of a disaster we will now be able to recover all our client website data quickly with minimal chance of data loss.  Real-time backups provide 24/7 protection against data loss. While we have implemented this system for ourselves and for our website clients, we... Read More

Our First Hack Weekend
Tags: online reservations, booking engine,, Hack Weekend
Category: Edgeworks Office, Edgeworks Product, Services
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Sep 30 2013 At: 11:26 AM

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen a series of pictures from this weekend wherein we were up stupid-late working on a mystery project. I wanted to briefly post about our first Hack Weekend and maybe shed some light on what we are up to. We are at the core a Product Company - we produce a core product, the Edgeworks CMS platform and we use this product to then develop websites and services for our clients. We also are an Idea Company - we work together to brainstorm new ideas both for ourselves and for our clients. Sometimes our... Read More

New Project: Michelin Tire and the 4x4 Center
Tags: Michelin Tire, The 4x4 Center, iPads in the Classroom, iPads, Outdoor Camera Network, Edgeworks CMS, TheTireExperience
Category: Client Website, Design, Services
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Mar 5 2013 At: 3:06 PM

Some time ago we were contacted by Mike Hopwood of the 4x4 Center in South Burlington, Vermont. He was interested in doing a bit of work on his website for The 4x4 Center as well as in getting our feedback (and later, a proposal) on integrating iPads into the classroom for a winter tire school he operates.  If you find yourself wondering what kind of Land Rover restoration and vehicle repair shop has a classroom, you'd be joining the club. It didn't take long, however, for us to understand the project in more detail. You see, Mike Hopwood operates a facility... Read More