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Google AdWords Promos & Campaigns Part One
Tags: AdWords, Google Adwords, online marketing, google promotion
Category: Marketing, SEO
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Nov 28 2012 At: 1:47 PM

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! Got your turkey sandwich there in the fridge? If you're really lucky you have some apple pie, stuffing and mashed taters, too. I'm not that lucky this time around. That's a lot of AdWords Bling! Did you get one of these? A few weeks back we received a whole bunch of Google AdWords promotional cards to give out to new (and potential) clients interested in developing an advertising campaign. If the client spends $25 on a campaign through AdWords, Google tacks on another $100 for FREE! Yippee! Free money! Free Advertising! That's great! We've had... Read More

To Link or Not To Link
Tags: SEO, link building, social signals, directories
Category: SEO, SEM
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Jul 31 2012 At: 3:05 PM

     As we’ve mentioned before in previous articles, links are a positive signal to search engines affirming the value and validity of your website.  By this logic, the more websites linking to you the better your page rank, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. In the early days of search engines, yes, it was that simple. Early search engines only assigned value based on quantity. They possessed no ability to ascertain quality or origin of external links. Webmasters constructed entire networks of interlinked pages designed to boost the ranking of specific websites and this still happens today! Their overall impact is,... Read More

Your Business on the Web ~ Video ~ Episode 1
Category: SEM, SEO
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Jun 25 2012 At: 12:42 PM

Your Business on the Web: Episode 1 - The Basics of SEO Below is the first video in our "Your Business on the Web" series where we discuss the basics of SEO. This video is the first in our series on SEO for your business. Our intent is to demonstrate the value and the strategies involved with SEO to boost search engine Page Rank and visitor traffic to your website. Below is a transcript of the video and, of course, we welcome your feedback! Ed: Hello and welcome to the first episode of our series, “Your Business on the Web.” In this... Read More

Content Generation (and How Google Sees It)
Tags: Google, SEO, SEM, Search Engines, SERPs, Content
Category: Marketing, SEM, SEO
Posted by: Phil Stevens
Posted on: Jun 15 2012 At: 1:11 PM

The number one frustration for most small business owners is a lack of visibility of their beautiful well-designed website. “I spent all this money on a website but no one can find it! How do I get it to the top of the Google?” Welcome to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM). It’s true. You can have the most awesomest site on the web, but it won’t make a bit of difference if no one can find it! The goal of any business is to be ranked #1 on any SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for keywords relating to your... Read More