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Friday Props- Crazy Cool and Weird Tech Edition
Tags: robots, Telescope, world largest telescope, transformable car, car commercials, robot waiter, robot waitress, china
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Posted by: Conor Lyons
Posted on: Sep 9 2016 At: 2:49 PM

Were back from an extended vacation to bring you another friday props!   This Friday props is solely dedicated to technology, the cool , the weird and the unbelievable. Need I say more... Since the inception of film, if you wanted to shoot a car for a commercial or movie, you needed that actual car on-set. With The Mill Blackbird Transformable Car Rig, you can shoot any car in the world with this one tool and it looks super cool.       Now I'm not sure how I feel about this next prop. Robots serving you your food seems a little creepy and impersonal to me,... Read More

New Client Website Guest Relations Association
Tags: GRA, Guest Relations Association
Category: Client Website
Posted by: Ed Rooney
Posted on: Oct 8 2015 At: 8:19 AM

What do Ben & Jerry's, Caterpillar, Nike, John Deere, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Toyota and Nissan all have in common? They all belong to an organization that has a new website developed by Edgeworks Creative - the Guest Relations Association website. The Guest Relations Association (GRA) consists of companies and corporations across all industries who host customers and visitors through some type of unique experience in the form of a tour of their museum, factory or visitor center. Member businesses benefit from information exchange, skills improvement, benchmarking opportunites and now from a brand new responsive website built on the Edgeworks CMS TM.... Read More

Friday Props-The Projects and Such Edition
Tags: projects, drones, lunch button, Raspberry Pi, spotify, api, Cats, street view, Props
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Sep 11 2015 At: 2:12 PM

It's been a few fridays since Friday Props showed it's face. There's a whole slew of projects going on at the Edgeworks Creative office, so I'm keeping the theme alive with the projects and such edition of Friday Props. I'll start off this week with a little in house project, the lunch button. We're often faced with the task of finding a new way to express the fact that it's lunch time. Our go to tends to be a meme of some sort related (sometimes) to food. We've been having some fun with a raspberry pi to streamline the process,... Read More

Friday Props-The Happy Friday Edition
Tags: Props, instagram, animated text, gifs, pokemon, palletes, color, aerial photography, light, sculpture
Category: Props
Posted by: Darren Rooney
Posted on: Aug 21 2015 At: 1:55 PM

Happy Friday everyone! Here's some props to kick off your weekend!First up is this little tool to generate animated text. It's easy to use, and exports to a gif form in a multitude of colours. It's fun, and that's enough for me to props it. Give it a try here. Next up is this palette generator based entirely around the original set of pokemon. It displays the colors used in the illustrations side by side with the 8 bit art. Find your favorites over at Here's the obligatory Pikachu as well as a couple palettes I personally enjoyed quite... Read More