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Friday Props - Fall Edition

As summer fades into fall in the beautiful state of Vermont, the highly anticipated fall foliage season for which our state has built its calling card upon is approaching. This means a swell in our local population as well as the state suddenly turning into a flannel wearing, maple syrup harvesting tourist destination. With that in mind this Friday props will be dedicated to everything that is great about the Fall season that may be a little out of the box.


First up, It's Simple... the best beers to guzzle down this upcoming fall, no matter where your travels take you.


The changing of seasons can bring out some of the strange in people and these fall festivals are the strangest of the strange. Check it out here...

Image result for wife carrying race sunday river

The final prop is maybe my favorite of the three!

Below is a great compilation of people actually falling, in most instances on ice which we all know is coming in the next few months here in Vermont. After watching this video you may want to invest in some winter boots with good tread.



Enjoy your fall people!